Tea Tree Body Butter

Tea Tree Body Butter

Are you looking for a natural dry skin remedy? Tea Tree Oil is great for dry skin and skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis. Don’t weigh your skin down with heavy, chemical-laden products. Use a tea tree oil based, vegan body butter that will smooth onto your skin and moisturize it without leaving a residue. Tea Tree Oil is the active ingredient in many dandruff shampoos to combat dry scalp. It works the same way on the rest of your body. This body butter is great for after shaving, making freshly shaved skin smooth and moisturized. Go ahead, tell people to feel your legs.

To Use: In order to truly pamper yourself, smooth body butter onto dry skin after a shower and breathe in the aromatherapy of essential oils as your skin absorbs the moisturizing Shea butter in our body butters.

Body Butter is a dense, whipped body moisturizer that doesn’t use unnecessary water and added chemical products. That means a little goes a long way in deeply moisturizing your skin. Unlike regular lotions, our body butters are non-greasy and smooth into skin to leave your body feeling silky, not slimy. Cheaper lotions leave a residue, but body butters moisturize naturally, without leaving your skin feeling heavy.

Our vegan body butters are made with shea butter from a woman’s co-operative in Africa that provides us with naturally harvested, herbicide-free and pesticide-free product. Shea butter prevents wrinkles, acts as a natural SPF, and is an anti-inflammatory.