Ocean Mist Body Butter

Ocean Mist body Butter

Lying on the beach, breathing in the scent of the ocean and soaking up the sunshine is one of the fastest ways to relax. If you’re unable to get to the ocean, or would like to take the light scent of relaxation with you as you go about your day, smooth some Ocean Mist body butter onto your dry skin. We can’t take you on a tropical vacation, but we can certainly help you smell the essential oils of Ocean Mist and allow you to daydream about those lazy days.

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Pamper your body with a luxurious, fluffy body butter and leave the thin, watered down lotion on the store shelf.

To Use: In order to truly pamper yourself, smooth body butter onto dry skin after a shower and breathe in the aromatherapy of essential oils as your skin absorbs the moisturizing shea butter in our body butters.

Body Butter is a dense, whipped body moisturizer that doesn’t use unnecessary water and added chemical products. That means a little goes a long way in deeply moisturizing your skin. Unlike regular lotions, our body butters are non-greasy and smooth into skin to leave your body feeling silky, not slimy. Cheaper lotions leave a residue, but body butters moisturize naturally, without leaving your skin feeling heavy.

Our vegan body butters are made with shea butter from a woman’s co-operative in Africa that provides us with naturally harvested, herbicide-free and pesticide-free product. Shea butter prevents wrinkles, acts as a natural SPF, and is an anti-inflammatory.