Lemongrass Body Butter

Lemongrass Body Butter

Lemongrass is our most popular scent! The light scent of lemongrass comes from natural essential oils paired with a shea butter base. Lemongrass is a light, citrus scent, similar to lemon without the tartness and can be used for several purposes. See our other lemongrass products, like our lemongrass bath bars, lemongrass body scrub, and a lemongrass foaming hand soap.

Pamper your body with a luxurious, fluffy body butter and leave the thin, watered down lotion on the store shelf.

To Use: In order to truly pamper yourself, smooth body butter onto dry skin after a shower and breathe in the aromatherapy of essential oils as your skin absorbs the moisturizing shea butter in our body butters.

Body Butter is a dense, whipped body moisturizer that doesn’t use unnecessary water and added chemical products. That means a little goes a long way in deeply moisturizing your skin. Unlike regular lotions, our body butters are non-greasy and smooth into skin to leave your body feeling silky, not slimy. Cheaper lotions leave a residue, but body butters moisturize naturally, without leaving your skin feeling heavy.

Our vegan body butters are made with shea butter from a woman’s co-operative in Africa that provides us with naturally harvested, herbicide-free and pesticide-free product. Shea butter prevents wrinkles, acts as a natural SPF, and is an anti-inflammatory.