Citrus Blast Bath Soak

Citrus Blast Bath Soak

The wedding bells are still ringing here where Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Orange got married! Citrus scents are great year round, but will be especially relaxing in the Summer. Our Citrus Blast Bath Soak is made with certified organic ingredients because we care about what goes on your skin. Soaking in a warm bath, aided by rejuvenating scents and exfoliating salts will leave you and your skin feeling refreshed.

Dead Sea Salts replenish essential skin minerals and ease muscle stiffness caused by tension or strain. It will also relieve itching and scaling problems.

Epsom salt baths have numerous health benefits, not just for your skin. Epsom salt relaxes the nervous system, easing stress. It soothes muscle aches, back pain, and reduces inflammation. Epsom salt has been known to act as a cure for skin problems and helps speed up healing. Need even more benefits? Epsom salt also removes foot odor and exfoliates dead skin for a luxurious at home spa experience.

To Use: Sprinkle some of the bath soak into your running water. Immerse yourself in a bath of luxury.